Mexico Retreat Logistics

Airport and Taxi

How to get there.

Airport to fly to

Puerto Vallarta (PVR)

Flight arrival time before 5pm is suggested – the resort is appx a 1hr drive north of the Puerto Vallarta airport.

Week 1: Arrive on Jan 6, depart on Jan 13
Week 2: Arrive on Jan 13, depart on Jan 20

If you plan to arrive in Mexico early or stay longer than the workshop dates, please ask if you need advice in planning your arrival or departure to the hotel.

Return Flight Time

We recommend a departure time after 12 noon. Keep in mind that it takes an hour to drive to the airport, so you’ll need to leave 3hrs before your flight time: 9am flight time means 6am taxi departure from the hotel.

Group taxi to and from the Puerto Vallarta Airport (PVR)

Arrival Taxi

If you plan to join the group taxi please choose an arrival time in Puerto Vallarta (PVR) between 11am and 4pm. Multiple airlines have flights arriving in this window.

Price will range from $20–$40 USD per person depending on how many passengers are in the taxi.

If you cannot arrive in the time frame suggested we may be able to arrange a smaller taxi for you ranging $50–$70.

Please email Chelsea ( your flight information to get on the group taxi list.


Check out time: 11am

You are welcome to hang out at the hotel past 11am, but the rooms need to be cleared out by 11am to get ready for the next group.

Group taxis will run from the hotel to the airport on the last day of the trip. We recommend that you choose a flight time after 12 noon.

The price will range from $20–$40 per person depending on how many passengers are in the taxi. If you depart outside the recommended time, you may have to pay the full amount for a smaller taxi ranging $50–$70.

Trip Details


Food Allergies

Please share any food allergies or dietary restrictions that you have so we can let the hotel know all this info ahead of time.

Drinking Water

The hotel water is on a filtration system, so the water is safe to drink!

What to bring

Our advice is to pack light! You wont need much at the beach, and there is great shopping in the nearby towns. Bring a small flashlight or headlamp to navigate around the property at night.

Yoga Props

Yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, and blankets are provided. If you’ve purchased one (or more) of our yoga belts, please bring it with you!

Beach toys

The hotel has kayaks and surf/paddle boards to enjoy.


It’s amazing weather in January. Swim suit weather in the day time, and light sweater weather at night. 10-day forecast for the area.

Whale Watching

If we’re lucky, whales will be hanging out near the bay the hotel is located on. We will plan a group outing depending on interest to go on a whale watching boat ride. This will be an extra expense (cost depending on the number of people who go).



A massage therapist comes to the hotel daily, we’ll have a sign-up sheet for appointments. Bring cash if you would like to schedule a massage. Each massage is USD $20 or Mex $350.


Yes, there is wifi… but it’s not super fast/reliable. So, unplug and don’t worry about checking your emails!

Cerveza, Mezcal, Etc

The hotel has a new bar. If you prefer to bring your own alcohol their may be a corking fee added.

Cash/Exchanging money

Money Exchange

In our experience, the best exchange rate is at the ATMs in Mexico vs the money exchange counters in the airport. Be aware of what ATMs you are using, ATM fraud is fairly common so choose one at a bank if in doubt.

Check out this article on ATMs and Credit Cards if you want a little more info.

It’s also helpful to have some USD in cash (small bills) – some businesses will accept USD if you do not have pesos.

Hotel Tip

A cash tip will be collected and offered by the group as an appreciation for all the employees of the hotel. A separate tip to each room is not necessary.

Other Questions?

If you have any questions, please email Chelsea –