Once again from the pathways of Lucignano, which like most of Tuscany is all uphill, we bring you the second video installment. This one addresses the hips, as well as the digestive system.

A simple exercise which can be done standing or laying down (or both) addressing strength and flexibility of the hip joint and surrounding attachments. If you have knee issues, holding onto the back of the thigh instead of the shin is advised. This helps build & maintain stability muscles for balance, if you are able to do it upright.

Right thigh against abdomen presses into the ascending colon. Left thigh against left abdomen presses into the descending colon. This aids in peristaltic movement, aiding in activating digestive health.

Nine per side is a good start, working your way up to 5-10 minutes is ideal. As this exercise is called the “great wind reliever” you might choose to do this in solitary confinement 🙂

Again, questions, comments, concerns can be posted below!