Hugger Mugger bolsters are the best.
Ideally it’s nice to have 2 matching standard bolsters, and 1 round bolster.

They are a sturdy material that won’t put up with your bad habits 🙂

Standard Bolster

This shape is great for restorative poses, chest openers, etc. 

Round Bolster

Lovely for cracking open the chest! 

Junior Bolster

If you’re a smaller body frame, consider this size instead of the standard bolster.


Get 2 or 3 matching bricks per person if you can. Hugger Mugger blocks come in dense foam and renewable cork.


1 for $30
2 for $50
2 inch wide cotton
10 feet long
Strong metal tension bar

Choose your color(s):
red, orange, blue, purple

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Delivery options:
Pickup in Austin is free
For shipping add $8 and include your address in the payment info